Connecting people &
improving experiences

Why we work for you

Surveys are a fixture of all organizations, regardless of type or size, because they’re the best way to collect and measure feedback from groups of people.

The problem is they often feel more like a cold apparatus to extract data than a sincere extension of your brand experience.

If you want to do better, the only options are to figure it out yourself, or hire a research firm, usually using proprietary software, ensuring that as long as you survey and store data with them, it will be painful to leave.

We believe this gap presents an unacceptable obstacle, preventing many organizations from continuously improving via quality feedback systems.

Our mission is to design feedback systems that connect people and improve experiences.

As such, we would like to offer a third option, somewhere in the middle.

How we work for you

We use existing systems to create custom solutions

Many organizations try to reinvent the wheel when reliable, heavily supported systems already exist.

We research, test, combine, test again, and implement combinations of these systems into custom solutions, designed just for your needs.

Retainers are optional

Because we use existing systems to create custom solutions, we can design and manage them for you, with you, or teach you how to do it yourself and help out only when needed.

Your data is portable

The data we collect, organize, and visualize on your behalf is yours and yours alone.

If you ever want to switch systems entirely, you can easily take it with you and upload it to what ever comes next.

We keep it simple

Simplicity is at the core of our philosophy because we understand that if a solution isn’t reasonably intuitive out of the box, it’s probably not going to connect people or improve experiences.

What we can do for you

Retain, acquire, & develop customers & employees

From lead generation with quizzes & assessments to proactive retention and developmental surveys, we will partner with you to continuously improve and grow your organization.

Save you time, money, the environment, and improve your CX

Our survey platform does a great job converting paper forms into digital forms. Depending on the volume, complexity, length, routing, and processing time of your forms, the cost savings could be substantial! If nothing else, it can improve your customer experience by guiding them through the forms in a similar way that popular tax software does, and is better for the environment by eliminating waste.

Get started with Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC was made for nudges! Think of a place like a treadmill, desk, check presenter at dinner, register, etc. where a customer is on location, probably with their phone. Now imagine them launching a survey, email opt-in, or landing page by hovering their phone over a sticker. No typing. No battling social media algorithms or inbox filters. That’s NFC.

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