Connecting people &
improving experiences

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to connect people and improve experiences through surveys.

Surveys connect people that want to share their experience with those that have the ability to improve it.

Organizations can confidently make informed decisions based on trends that emerge from their feedback, resulting in improved experiences.

Improved experiences continually enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve, and that is our vision.

How we do it

Strategic Design

Strategic design makes giving feedback obvious, compelling, and convenient.
It means placing nudges in opportune moments and using algorithms to ensure you ask the right questions at the right times based on context and sentiment.
It creates an engaging experience that expresses and builds your brand.

Thought Leadership

We continually study how organizations of all types and sizes collect feedback as a means to find, test, and implement best practices. Knowing how, when, where, and why to ask which questions makes all the difference.

Bespoke Solutions

We use combinations of existing systems to create custom solutions designed specifically for your unique needs and situation.

What we do

Acquire, develop, & retain customers & employees

From lead generation with quizzes & assessments to getting in front of problems with proactive retention and developmental surveys, we will partner with you to develop a system that continuously improves and grows your organization.

Save you time & money by going paperless

Our system does a great job converting paper forms into digital forms which could result in substantial cost savings!

It can also improve your customer experience by guiding them through the forms in a similar way that popular tax software does, and is better for the environment by eliminating waste.

Reduce friction & add novelty

We use Near Field Communication (NFC) to offer contactless experiences like connecting to WiFi or launching a website simply by hovering your phone over a sticker.

We also use new domain extensions like .Feedback to create memorable survey URLs such as OurBrand.Values.Feedback

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